Rainy Lake Boat Taxi

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At Rainy Lake Boat Taxi we provide you many services to make your cottage and lake experience a simpler and enjoyable one. If you're curious about something you don't see on our list, contact us today!

Taxi Service

RLBT will provide taxi service for up to 8 passengers to and from destinations on Rainy Lake. Pick up locations will be near Fort Frances. Our pickup locations are:
Sorting Gap Marina, 5 Mile Dock or from Rainy Lake Boat Taxi dock, which is located near the Noden Causeway.

Cargo Delivery

RLBT can haul cargo to your cabin. We are equipped with a large 22 foot boat and canal up to 2,000 lbs of cargo. If you have an ongoing project or the weather is not good just call me and I will pick up your supplies and bring them to you. Say you need a small delivery or grocery item and are not in a rush to receive it, I will drop it off on my next trip by your cabin for a small fee.

Boat Tow

No one likes or plans to have boat problems on the lake. If you do have boat issues just call and i can help. With over 30 years of marine tech experience I can get your boat up and going again. If the problem is not repairable on site we will tow you back to your landing.  The RLBT staff can even arrange to have your boat repaired asap, as not to ruin your time on Rainy Lake.

Cabin Maintenance

The Boat Taxi staff can help you with small maintenance projects around the cabin. Lawn mowing, weed whipping, trail clearing, fallen tree removal and cabin cleaning. If you desire, these services can be done before you arrive. Your vacation time can be spent doing more important things like relaxing and fishing. We also can take care of cabin winterizing and opening up in the spring.

Boat Tour

Take a tour of Rainy Lake. The Boat Taxi staff can take a group on a scenic boat tour of Rainy Lake. Whether it's a short tour of the area or a  1/2 or full day adventure. See many of the beautiful sights on the lake.
The Mermaid, Devils Cascade, Kettle Falls, Sand Island Falls and The Noden Causeway, are just a few of the fantastic attractions we can explore with you and your group.

Barge Service

In the spring of of 2015 RLBT added a new boat to the fleet. The construction of a 12x30 foot pontoon barge was completed and launched in July. This sleek freight hauling machine is powered by a fuel efficient 60 hp Merc 4 stroke. The barge is capable of hauling up to 6,000 lbs of cargo and is equipped with functional loading ramps. Also removable side rails for ease of offloading at your dock and bow mounted cranes for loading heavy objects or lifting float dock ramps. RLBT  can haul your building supply's , furniture , appliances or do property clean up. As all of Rainy Lake Boat Taxi services the barge will travel at a reasonable rate. Contact RLBT for the barge to show up at your place with a heavy load.  

Garbage Pickup

New for 2016 and by popular demand will be the addition of garbage pickup. Nobody wants smelly garbage on the there property. It only invites unwanted guests. RLBT will make regular weekly pickup runs. Boat Taxi customers can leave there trash with me when departing and I will take care of it. A dumpster will be located in my yard. RLBT bag tags will be available so you can leave your garbage at the end of your dock on pickup day. For larger loads and property clean up the barge may be put into service.
Contact RLBT for scheduled garbage pickup.

Contact Rainy Lake Boat Taxi Today

Primary Contact 807 271 2449
Secondary Contact 807 274 6381